Kaithal Tour

Kaithal is a beautiful small town in Haryana, Kaithal is estblished in north side in Haryana.

Most of the people are Hindus, Saini, and Jain Community, though there are worship places for every religion.

'Hanuman Vatika" is very famous place of kaithal, most of the people visit here . "Javahar lal nahru park is another famous and old place of the city. Even today there are 108 Shiva temples in Kaithal. Kaithal is also associated with the first woman ruler of India,  Razia Begum. An important town during Akbar's rule, it is located near the Bidkiar Lake. So, I like this city.

Now by the support of Sh. Samsher Singh Surjewala there has became a children pakr in Kaitha.It is so beautiful park. In this park many people , couple children, girls and boys come in moring and evening.
This park increase the beauty of Kaithal. It is near old bus stand and there are many way to reach at park.

Kaithal was estblished by british govt.